Mother Rukkus

Mother Rukkus is a sisterhood of five female musical artists who simply love to make music together.


Formed in October, 2014, the band played its first set at the Austin Marathon in February of 2015. Since then, Mother Rukkus has played regularly in Austin at Opa and the Carousel Lounge, and other gigs in Round Rock and Austin.


The ladies met through Girl Guitar Austin, the amazing music school founded by Mandy Rowden. Each of them took various classes there and found themselves regularly in band classes together. Friendships formed, and so did a deep desire to further their musical experience.


When asked what their musical genre is, they often reply, “songs we like.” And, they like a lot of different kinds of music. Each of these ladies plays more than one instrument, and they love to adapt their sets to the venue and the occasion. They play rock and roll, but they also play quieter acoustic sets, which they call their “coffee house” music. Check out their set lists to see how varied their tastes are.


The Mothers charm their audiences with great harmonies and engaging stage presence. Their enjoyment of each other’s talents and the music-making they love is what keeps them going, and loving it more, even through personal crises and life’s twists and turns.


These women will tell you: Life is better when you keep on rockin’!


You should listen to Your Mothers! New Original Song — "Guitars and Girls

Mother Rukkus Set List

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